• MH3 Eldrazi Spoilers

    By Tom Trapman

    What’s that on the horizon? It looks like a writhing mass of nightmarish Lovecraftian tentacles! The Eldrazi, every Magic player’s favorite cosmic horror from beyond the void, is making a return in Modern Horizons III and we have a sneak peek of some of the latest spoilers to hit the internet.

    There’s a huge number of blurry potato camera photos floating around right now as well, but let’s focus on the slightly more confirmed, and apocalyptically oriented,...

  • Seller Spotlight: Phil Allen of PunkOuter Games

    By Andrew Johnson, Co-Founder Mana Pool

    Most people who find themselves in a sudden maelstrom of illness, covid, and long hours taking away from time with wife and children might batten down the hatches. Not Phil Allen. Phil decided it was time to start PunkOuter Games in Gainesville, FL.

    From IT to Games

    Phil studied many things when he was young, from agriculture, to game design, to computer crime scene analysis, but a common thread in that was...

  • Magic Decks to Teach New Players

    By Jonathan Zucchetti

    Teaching a new player Magic can be daunting, especially young kids or other people unfamiliar with intricate strategic games. Magic in the modern era has many keywords, rules, and interactions that can make the task gargantuan.

    To make the task easier, here are a set of 5 kitchen table decks that provide rich gameplay, while limiting the number of ideas to learn. These decks are inexpensive, the sort of decks you can happily shuffle up, lend out,...

  • Standard Shipping on Mana Pool

    By Andrew Johnson

    Unlike other platforms, shipping rates on Mana Pool are standard across all sellers. You can read about the Mana Pool shipping rates in this help article.

    Our idea is that shipping should correspond to the actual cost of the packaging and postage, and that the card prices themselves should reflect any differences among sellers related to strategy, underlying picking/packing costs, and other reasons to have a different price.

    In addition, unlike other platforms, we don’t charge...

  • Mana Pool Video Updates #1 and #2

    By Andrew Johnson

    If you are interested to hear about what we’re building and shipping at Mana Pool, check out the videos I started posting talking about new features and work in progress.

    These first two videos cover last week and the previous week, and go into about the new Make Deck feature, along with improvements we are making in the overall browsing experience, and all the work that has gotten Mana Pool to nearly 7M cards in stock...

  • Paste in Decks from Moxfield

    By Andrew Johnson

    The make deck feature is now live on Mana Pool. Paste in decks from Moxfield and other popular MTG sites to buy a deck in one go. Or type in the list brimming out of your mind.

  • Outlaws of Thunder Junction is live on Mana Pool

    By Tom Trapman & Mana Pool Staff

    OTJ Header

    Bad is riding into town starting today, and Oko’s crew of Multiverse miscreants are pulling off the greatest heist this side o’ the law. Tinybones, Rakdos, Vraska, and more have joined up and they’ve got their eyes on the ultimate score.

    Outlaws of Thunder Junction has landed and it’s already making waves in multiple formats with powerful cards like Slickshot Show-Off and Terror of the Peaks...

  • The OTJ Commanders Have Been Revealed

    By Tom Trapman & Mana Pool Staff

    The unveiling of the four Commander Decks from Outlaws of Thunder Junction has presented a blend of familiar faces and fresh characters to bring to the table.

    These decks, inspired by the frontier spirit of Thunder Junction, explore various themes, ranging from “I like to steal things” to “Pew, pew everybody”. Let’s explore.

    Olivia, Opulent Outlaw: The Treasure Monger

    Olivia, Opulent Outlaw Olivia, Opulent Outlaw on Mana Pool

  • Decked Out with OTJ: Outlaws of Thunder Junction

    By Tom Trapman & Mana Pool Staff

    OTJ Header

    Outlaws of Thunder Junction are dusting up the deserts, and we have some really interesting new tools for commander. Before we dig in, I just want to take a second and tip a cowboy hat to Wizards and point out that Karlov Manor and Outlaws are two sides of the same thematic coin.

    In Karlov, we followed the story of investigative crime fighters trying to solve a multiversal...

  • CardBot Emerges from the Castle

    By Andrew Johnson

    When CardCastle started, they saw the world through the lens of the iPhone. They built out a scanning app and a platform to manage cards, which grew popular among players, but stores pushed back on the idea of using an app to scan cards. So, CardCastle unleashed the CardBot, a mesmerizing machine that scans and sifts collectible cards at scale.

    CardBot operation shot

    Feb 27, 2024

    Mana Pool referral program is lit!

    By Andrew Johnson

    Mana Pool has an amazing referral program as we boot up the marketplace for Magic cards.

    Refer your favorite local game store, or even a non-brick & mortar seller, and you can win a Black Lotus, and you can reward the seller with 0% marketplace fee for 6 months, along with tiered kickbacks on their first $1K, $5K, and $100K in sales.

    referral handout

    Today, we have about 60% of all printings of Magic...

  • Drawers for stores! MTech Cave the maker

    By Andrew Johnson

    One of the sellers that recently joined Mana Pool, MTech Cave, is run by Mikah the maker, and their store is a cross between a game store and a maker space. Mikah had a wildly successful Kickstarter to manufacture these drawers to store collectible cards in sleeves, and I think this is really cool.

    collectible card drawers

    The drawers are a cost-effective option for storing cards for local game stores who don’t...

  • Seller's Tips: How to determine card condition

    By Dusty Stokes

    Selling Magic: The Gathering cards online requires a skill that is often overlooked but is of critical importance – the ability to quickly and accurately judge the condition of a given card. Incorrectly assessing card condition can lead to an increase in returns and a reduction in a vital metric for our customers – trust. In this guide, we will explore the key factors to consider when determining the condition of your cards.

    Grading Scale


  • Ravnica Remastered: What You Need to Know

    By Dusty Stokes

    As we usher in 2024, Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts have a reason to empty those holiday gift cards – the arrival of Ravnica Remastered on January 12th. However, if you’re scratching your head wondering what exactly a “Remastered” set entails, you’re not alone. Let’s dive into Ravnica Remastered and unpack why this release should be on your radar.

    Ravnica Remastered Key Art, illustrated by Aurore Folny

    What’s the Buzz about Ravnica Remastered?


  • Commander Highlights Featuring Doctor Who!

    By Mana Pool Staff

    On October 13th, Wizards newest universes beyond crossover Doctor Who (WHO) was released. It features 4 new Commander decks available as a bundle for $259.99, 12-pack Collector booster boxes for $240, and singles that you can shop for here, at Manapool.com!

    One of the most exciting things the new Doctor Who set is bringing to Commander is the Doctor’s companion. This mechanic allows for decks to have two commanders, similar to the existing Partner mechanic. Commanders...

  • Re-learning the Vintage Cube

    By Kenny Hsiung

    Going over a draft pick by pick in the vintage cube. Here you can see the entire draft, pick by pick in the viewer. In this draft, we drafted a sick re-animator deck and actually took Entomb (the best card for our deck) 1st pick out of pack 2, over Sol Ring (the best card in the cube).

    Pack 1

    Pick 1, Pack 1

    The opening pack was not great. For me, the...

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