• Commander Highlights Featuring Doctor Who!

    By Mana Pool Staff

    On October 13th, Wizards newest universes beyond crossover Doctor Who (WHO) was released. It features 4 new Commander decks available as a bundle for $259.99, 12-pack Collector booster boxes for $240, and singles that you can shop for here, at Manapool.com!

    One of the most exciting things the new Doctor Who set is bringing to Commander is the Doctor’s companion. This mechanic allows for decks to have two commanders, similar to the existing Partner mechanic. Commanders...

  • Re-learning the Vintage Cube

    By Kenny Hsiung

    Going over a draft pick by pick in the vintage cube. Here you can see the entire draft, pick by pick in the viewer. In this draft, we drafted a sick re-animator deck and actually took Entomb (the best card for our deck) 1st pick out of pack 2, over Sol Ring (the best card in the cube).

    Pack 1

    Pick 1, Pack 1

    The opening pack was not great. For me, the...

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